Bullied as a child for albinism, now a model on Vogue

Leo Jonah, a 22-year-old model from London, grew up being bullied for his albinism. Now he is featured in Vogue.

Leo's family was black, which was unusual in the area he grew up in. To top that, he and his siblings were born with albinism. Its a congenital disorder caused by a mutation in one of several genes and characterised by the complete or partial absence of pigment in a person's skin, hair and eyes.

Leo and his siblings were always bullied by other children for their appearances, and he would come back home everyday after being in a fight.

But when he grew up, his unusual looks made heads turn, for different reasons this time. And when a modelling agency noticed him, his life changed dramatically.

Now he is a successful model who has participated in the London Fashion week, appeared in various music videos and was featured in Hunger magazine. And more recently, he was on the pages of Vogue Russia.

Leo has now embraced his condition and says he would not change a thing about the way he looks. In fact he hopes his example will inspire those born with albinism to accept themselves as they are.

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