Depressed people tend to use some common words, says study

As per a recent research, people with depression tend to use certain common words that could indicate their mental health situation.

The research studied the language and behavior of depression patients and found that they had a lot of common characteristics.

This information can help in identifying the signs of depression in people and may result in helping them out on time.

Scientists found the data from the online chat groups where people with depression and suicidal tendencies chat regularly.

They were found to use words such as "always," “nothing” or “completely”, also more first person pronouns, such as “me,” “myself” and “I.”

The use of such pronouns depicts that the people with depression are more focused on themselves and tend to talk about themselves more and less about other stuff.

As per the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people of suffer from depression across the world and it is the leading cause of disability.

Scientists hope to use the data to create algorithms that can detect depression and help diagnose people.

Timely intervention can ensure that people get medical help and thousands of suicides can be prevented.

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