Hearing and speech impaired girl Geeta is not happy

Geeta the hearing and speech impaired girl who came back from Pakistan is reportedly not very happy living in Indore these days.

Geeta also known as Guddi came back from Pakistan in 2015 after living there for 13 years.

She was found alone in Samjhauta Express by Pakistan Rangers at Lahore railway station when she was 11 years old.

As per reports, she is currently living in children's home in Indore for the last two years. However, the administration is planning to shift her from there.

A special teacher appointed to talk to Geeta has sent a report to the external affairs ministry and it states that Geeta is unhappy as her parents have not been located.

She wants to get married and settle down and has no interest in getting education.

She is also not allowed to meet any strangers and the external affairs ministry is monitoring her case.

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