5 soldiers killed so far in Jammu & Kashmir terror attack

Security forces killed three terrorists hiding at the Sunjuwan Army camp in Jammu and Kashmir. In all six people, including five Army soldiers, were killed in the attack by suspected Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists.

The operation has not been called off yet.

A group of heavily armed men attacked a huge Army camp of the 36 brigade of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry before dawn on Saturday. Five Army men, including two Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs), were killed in the attack.

One terrorist was found wearing an Army uniform and was heavily armed. Ammunitions and grenades were seized from them.

While clearing the area, Army comamndoes found the bodies of another soldier, two jawans and an elderly man, who was the father of a soldier. All of them had been killed in the early stages of the attack.

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