2 disabled among Sikh role models felicitated by community in Mumbai

Among the eight role models who were honoured by the Sikh community in Mumbai, were two remarkable individuals who have overcome disability to change the lives of others.

Like 26-year-old Jagwinder Singh from Patiala, who was born without arms and is now a champion cyclist with national awards. He is even able to paint and cook food using his feet. Speaking at the function, Singh said that his success was a result of his stubbornness.

His parents did not get him a bicycle as a schoolboy as they did not believe he could ride without hands. He learned to ride on his sister's bike instead and suffered many injuries. But his determination and persistence paid off and he went on to become a national champion paracyclist and award-winning athlete.

The other remarkable story is that of 79-year-old Sardar Gurmej Singh. He went blind after an attack of small pox at the age of eight years. He went on to transliterate the Guru Granth Sahib and Sukhmani Sahab in Braille. Singh said there are now 18 Braille volumes of the Granth Sahib at the Central Library in Amritsar and a Braille printing machine purchased from Switzerland as well.

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