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Nagpur medical college students develop rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities

February 13, 2018

Students at the internship and post graduate levels from the Occupational Therapy (OT) School and Centre at the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in Nagpur have developed five devices that can be used in rehabilitation of various types of disabilities. These include disabilities like cerebral palsy and those acquired in accidents.

The devices are low cost and are useful to help patients perform exercises needed to restore the functioning of the affected organs. The devices were developed by students as part of their routine projects and have won awards at University and national levels.

  • One of the devices is called a 'cognitive dexterity aid' and is used to strengthen hand-eye coordination, colour coordination and colour perception. It can be useful to kids with developmental disabilities like cerebral palsy. The device has coloured buttons and when the child puts his finger on the right colour on the board as he sees the colour on his hand, the button gives a beep.
  • The second device has been called a 'carrying-cum-mobility device' and is a mix of kangaroo bag like pouch for carrying a disabled child by the mother on her chest while travelling. The second part of the device is an equipment that can be dismantled and used to support the child when reduce the weight of the child on the mother.
  • Another device can be used for wrist injuries, for reduced hand function and for wrist extension.
  • There is also a 'talking pen' and is used to improve the coordination of eyes and other limb movements of drivers, Parkinson's patients and children affected with disabilities like dyslexia.

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