Pune railway station sets up a ramp for elderly, disabled. Not enough, say passengers

The Pune railway station has finally got a ramp for passengers with special needs and the elderly to enter and get down from train coaches. The service is free of cost for passengers.

The ramp is available free of cost and can be obtained at the office of the deputy station superintendent on platform 1. The ramp will also help those on the wheelchairs to easily get into the trains, say authorities.

The ramp can be placed on the edge of the platform, connecting it to the entrance of the coach. It bridges the gap enabling smooth entry of the wheelchair into the train coach.

Passengers can approach the office of the superintendent and ask for the ramp. There are porters who will ensure that the ramp is carried to the compartment of the passenger and set it up against the coach entrance.

But given that the station sees 62 originating and 62 passing-through trains, the availability of just one ramp may not be enough, say passengers.There are lakhs of passengers and many trains standing at all the six platforms at a time.

Authorities say the number of ramps will be increased if there is demand.

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