How to get WhatsApp Payments feature

Hugely popular messaging app WhatsApp is now starting its payment feature in India in beta for select Android smartphone and iPhone users.

The new WhatsApp payments has been reported to be easy to use and gives the Indians one more way to make online payments.

The feature is based on UPI and it means that the money will go straight to the bank account and mobile wallets will not be needed.

How to get WhatsApp Payments

The payment option is available on a testing bases on select phones only and for a few users on the latest version of the app latest version of the app, that’s v2.18.41 on Android and v2.18.22 on iPhones.

Once you open a WhatsApp chat, you can look for new Payments sub-head under Settings. If you can see the option, it means you get the access to use the feature.

Otherwise just wait for the feature to come out for everyone.

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