Hyderabad eye care centre ordered to compensate elderly patient for vision loss

Years after Vinod Sanghi, lost vision in one eye after he was given a faulty drug, a state consumer forum in Hyderabad has ordered that he be given compensation of Rs 5 lakh by a local eye care centre called Neoretina Eyecare Institute and its consultant retinal surgeon, A Srinivas. Both have been held responsible for the incident.

Sanghi, who is 78 years old now, said that he approached the eye institute in 2014 after he had poor vision in his left eye. He was advised to take an intravitreal injection. He suffered from watering, severe pain and redness in the eye soon after, and doctors performed a surgical procedure that involves removal of vitreous gel from the eye.

He was made to go many procedures but his condition did not improve. He found that the injection given by the doctor had led to infections in eight other patients as well. He took the eye care centre to court after he found that he had lost vision in one eye totally.

The forum found the centre guilty and called it a case of medical negligence.

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