Airports using technology to become accessible

As more and more people cross the world prefer to travel by air, it is but natural for airports to evolve to accommodate all types of travelers.

Making airports accessible for people with disabilities and special needs is a must now to make travelling inclusive for all.

The development in technology is making improvement in lives of disabled people oin all walk of life and travelling is also getting better gradually.

Some Initiatives taken by Airports

Most airports now consider facilities for people with physical disabilities, but that is not enough as there are many people that have hidden disabilities, such as autism, dementia, hearing problems, low vision and blindness.

The Heathrow airport in London became the first dementia friendly airport in the world two years ago.

This was done through a training program designed to educate all of its 76,000 staff with dementia and its effect on people.

A similar initiative was taken by the Shannon Airport in Ireland for autistic passengers.

The airport became the first in Europe to open a special sensory room in its departure lounge that was dedicated to provide comfort to people with autism and other mental health issues.

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