Cochlear’s Nucleus 7 is a successful product, says company

Hearing implant developer company Cochlear has stated that its Nucleus 7 sound processor has been received very well in the major markets across the world including the United States.

In fact the company considers the launch of the product to be a great achievement of its financial year.

Nucleus 7 sound processor is the first of its kind to be designed to work with the iPhones.

Nucleus 7 allows the users with hearing impairments to streams sound directly from iPhones, iPads and iPods.

This enables them to make phone calls, FaceTime calls, and even listen to music in high quality stereo sound.

The company has exported the products to various countries of the world and is hopeful of increase in the demand this year as well.

The company has a huge market share in developed as well as developing nations.

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