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Latest ReSound hearing aids have some great features

ReSound is a 75-year-old Danish company operating in India since 1995 and is claims to make the world's smartest hearing aids and accessories for people with hearing impairments.

The latest product of ReSound is a hearing aid called the LiNX 3D that comes ain a cool avatar and looks like a state of the art gadget.

The hearing aid is consists of a receiver that is fitted into the ear canal and microphone and amplifier on the ear.

The aid is better than others as it is very compact and light in size and has three features - it enhances sound quality, can be personalised and reprogrammed by both the user and the device expert.

The device is also capable of picking up sounds from specific directions and distinguishing between noises.

It also allows the user to hear actual words and not just gives the sensation of a sound coming through.

The hearing aid can also be tracked using a GPS as it has a compatible communication system in case the users drop or lose it.

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