Leading brand launches clothing line for mobility impaired

April is marked as National Limb Awareness month and Ampu Wear Clothing Line Inc. is all set to celebrate it by launching a new adaptive clothing line. This is something in the lines of what fashion icons like Tommy Hilfiger have already done.

The brand is co-owned by Troy Malone who is also a global ambassador for this line and a trauma survivor. Troy said that the launch of this new set of designer clothes will offer more variety to choose from, as those with limited mobility currently have only very few options in clothing to pick from.

According to the brand executives at Ampu Wear Clothing Inc., their new set of clothes will be exclusively designed for those with limited mobility. It shall come in various new exclusive patterns and models. Velcro enclosures, reinforcement patches and hidden zippers are some of them that will be manufactures as part of the new collection.

Part of the profits will go to certain charity organizations as well. Products will be ranged from US$ 20-$400 depending on the designs.

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