Love of football brings Syrian war amputees together

A special game of football was witnessed in the city of Idlib in North West Syria. These were players whose legs were amputated, an aftermath of the deadly war that has wrecked the region over the last few years.

Most of those who were playing at the event were below the age of 30 years. Some of them were civilians, while others were fighters who had taken part in the war and lost their legs to bomb attacks or other deadly weapons.

The event was organized by a centre for physical therapy based in Idlib that conducts sports events like football, swimming etc. Practice sessions for football happen at least four times every week and each session goes up to three hours. The sessions go a long way in lifting the players' spirits.

The centre for physical therapy aims to bring together war amputees so they have a chance to explore their skills. There are plans to start classes in body building as well.

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