People with low income are more prone to being depressed, says study

As per latest research results, people with lower incomes are more prone to getting depressed.

It was also found that the depression affected the lives of people negatively in most cases and made a deep impact on them.

80% of the adults with depression face even more challenges in their day to day life both personal and professional.

People in the high income group were found to be less affected by depression.

The study also found that women are at a higher risk of facing depression as compared to men.

Depression can make life unbearable for a person and also impact others around them. It is a mental health problem that affects millions of people across the world in all age groups.

Some common symptoms of depression are:

• Feeling sad and dull all the time.

• Not feeling like taking part in day to day activity. Avoiding social life and friends.

• Lack of energy and fatigue, pains in the body.

• Lack of appetite or interest in things.

Treatment of depression can be done through medication, therapy and brain stimulation depending on the symptoms and severity.

If not treated in time, depressed person may get affected by suicidal thoughts. However, support from family and friends can help cure a person along with medical help.

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