Search for a common link that causes autism and ADHD overlap

Until a few years back the two mental conditions of ADHD and autism were considered to be exclusive and separate.

However, it has now been found that the two disorders may coexist and effect a person with their respective symptoms.

Research has proved that autism and ADHD often coincide. As per data around 30% to 80% of children with autism also meet the criteria for ADHD.

This is referred to as the overlap of the two disorders and has lead researchers to look for a common biological reason behind them.

A research team in Netherlands has suggested that autism and ADHD are different ailments of a single condition with a range of subtypes.

So far the tests and research results have not been able to provide a concrete proof about the relation between autism and ADHD.

Scientists are trying to find the link that connects the two disorders as that may help in getting a better diagnoses and possible cure for them.