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This Close - A TV miniseries created, written, & starring the deaf

February 16, 2018

The team behind the six episode miniseries 'This Close' aims to show that the deaf community's life experiences are no different from anyone's else's.

The series tells the story of two best friends, who are deaf, and live and work in Los Angeles. The creators, Josh Feldman and Shoshannah Stern, are deaf themselves. They are working together to change the way the deaf community is represented in front of the camera.

The series stars one of Hollywood's most-famous deaf actress, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin. The non-hearing impaired co-stars learned some sign language to better communicate with their fellow actors.

The creators hope audiences will relate to the characters, regardless of whether they are deaf or not. They want audiences to see it not as show about gay men but a show that they can see themselves in and relate to.

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