Bombay High Court directs government to set up committee to implement welfare schemes for disabled

The Bombay High Court has ordered the Maharashtra government to set up an advisory committee as per the Supreme Court directions to implement welfare schemes for the disabled in the state as per the RPWD Act introduced in 2016.

This is after a petition was filed complaining that the action plan prepared in 2001 as per the old act of 1995 should be implemented if the state was unable to formulate schemes under the new act.

The state government said that the new act has the recommendations of the action plan. It is waiting for suggestions and objections from the concerned departments before announcing new schemes.

The High Court directed that the advisory committee be formed within six weeks and new schemes be implemented in three months.

The petition was filed by the All India Handicapped Development Foundation seeking directions to the state to implement the 2001 action plan. The PIL says that the budgetary provisions made by local bodies was not being utilised and the amount was going waste.

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