Man lost eye after hair transplant procedure went wrong

A man in Hyderabad is reported to have lost his vision sand suffered serious health complications after getting a hair transplant procedure.

Tariq Khusroo is a non-resident Indian and had visited India in 2016 on a holiday. He decided to go for a hair transplant at Dr Khan’s Hair Transplant Centre after he heard lot of good things about it.

However, soon after the surgery, Tariq had to be rushed to the hospital where his right eyeball had to be removed due to life-threatening complications.

On investigation by the Telangana State Medical Council it was found that Dr Ishratullah Khan did not hold any special training for performing a hair transplant and he was only a MBBS doctor.

The negligence of Dr Ishratullah Khan had caused an infection in Tariq’s case and his eye had to be removed.

The State Medical Council has evoked Dr Ishratullah Khan’s registration for two years and barred him from ever performing a hair transplant until he acquires proper qualification and registers with the Council.

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