Disabled man on a mission to make India clean

Binay Kumar Shahu is a 42-year-old man from Bengaluru with a paralysed hand. He is on a mission to spread the message of cleanliness in the country by pedaling on his cycle.

Shahu is a strong advocate against the increase in the production of garbage and plastic waste in India.

Since the last two years, Shahu has been riding his bike with his right hand and creating public awareness about the harmful effects of plastic waste.

Although it is a tough challenge for him to ride the cycle with his one good hand, he is in no mood to give up his mission.

Shahu covers about 100 kilometers every day travelling on the bicycle and aims to make the country garbage free and clean.

He has covered more than 23,000 kilometers, including a trip from Bengaluru to Leh in 2016, for Swachh Bharat campaign awareness.

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