What you eat & the state of your mind are closely linked

Nutritional psychiatry is a new subject to many. But this is something which we have been using as part of our studies and daily lives since many years. We all know that brain is one of the most important in the human body. It decides what we do, regulates our heart beat, decides what we talk and even helps in breathing. Even when we are sleeping, our brain is functioning.

Our brain needs the best food to work non-stop. But are we giving it enough fuel to run properly? Are we giving it the right foods so that it can function without any fail? If we do not take care about what we eat and how we eat, our brain will get affected badly. This will lead to many diseases starting from dementia to Alzheimer’s and other heart diseases, to name a few.

If we eat the right food, it will help in making our mood better, increase our heart beat, growth of nerve cells, help beat stress, stay away from mental disorders and diseases like autism, improve cognition, and more than anything, sleep well.

If we do not feed the brain with the right food, it will lead to many problems that can have a very bad effect on our health as we become old. Anger, mood swings, negative emotions, forgetting things and getting sick often are some of them.

Nutritional psychiatry is something which we cannot ignore and has to be a part of our lives. Our brain can be made strong only by taking in good food with lots of greens, nuts, seeds and fruits.

We must remember that food helps in not just making our stomach full, but good food is medicine as well.

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