Experts warn there is an over diagnosis of ADHD in India, tell parents to give kids more time

Psychologists warn that there is an over diagnosis of autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children in India as many parents are looking for excuses when their kids don;t do well in school.

They say that there are proper guidelines issued by the government of India which have to be followed to diagnose conditions like autism, which is mainly a communication disorder. To diagnose it in kids as young as two years of age is hard and parents sometimes get overly anxious.

Autism can be defined only after 3.7 years of age. During the school admissions process when some children are found to be autistic or with learning disabilities like dyslexia, parents are not willing to talk about it. It is when the report cards are not good that parents open up. But there is a difference between those who genuinely have a problem and those who are being pushed to do well in studies.

Another reason for the large number of ADHD diagnoses is that the special medication prescribed for the disorder is expensive. Some doctors prescribe these medicines and push up the sales and the medication controls the child's behaviour. This makes parents happy.

When many of the children diagnosed with such conditions are interviewed, they talk about how they miss spending time with their parents and are pushed too much into academics.

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