Video games can help reduce mobility problems in stroke patients

Video games are more than just fun. A group of Indian engineers have used the advances in video games to a field very far outside entertainment - to give relief to patients recovering from stroke.

Stroke one of the leading causes of disability in India

Strokes affect muscle weakness and movement in the upper limb. Rehabilitation involves physiotherapy involving repetitive exercises by trained staff at home or in hospitals. But there is a shortage of trained therapists, and this is where video games can come in handy.

The technique has been developed by a group of researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar. Its a computer-based exercise platform supported with a feeling of touch. It can be adapted depending on how patients perform.

The tasks in the video game have three difficulty levels to suit the severity of the stroke. It also provides feedback to the users. Its on the lines of the video game tasks that kids play, but has been designed specifically for stroke patients.

The technique has been tested in a set of six patients with chronic stroke, and has been found to be effective.

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