Over 2,000 disabled people across Kerala come together to start company

Their dreams are not defined by their disability.

Over 2,000 disabled people from across the state of Kerala are differently-abled people from across the state, who gathered together on a Facebook group, are now working together as a company for the last three months.

Their company is registered as Handicrops Divyanga Impex Limited and what is interesting is that they all got together on Facebook. They claim to have sold more than two lakh paper pens already. The company has eight directors, and five are disabled.

Presently they are making paper pens, with seeds inside, that will grow even if thrown out. The company has distributed more than 75,000 refills, and claims to be getting orders from across India and even the Gulf. They hope that with growing awareness about the dangers of plastic, the demand for natural products like these will grow.

The paper pens are made with ordinary refills and magazine papers and cost Rs 5 each. Those with colour craft paper cost Rs 6, while those with company-made refill cost Rs 7. The maximum cost would be Rs 8. In the rainy season, they plan to make umbrellas and later expand to cloth bags, pickles, soaps and sanitary napkins. The aim is to empower the disabled and find a regular income.

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