Indian Wheelchair Basketball is waiting for much needed funding and support

Sports in India is not encouraged or supported unless it is cricket.

This makes it almost impossible for the sportsmen and sportswomen with disabilities to find recognition and encouragement in the country.

A group of paralympians decided to make a change and put India on the map of competitive sport.

The Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India was founded under Madhavi Latha in 2014.

Madhavi Latha is a paralympic swimming champion and a born fighter who knows never to give up.

The federation sent their first men’s and women’s teams to compete at the 4th Bali Cup International Tournament in 2017.

Amazingly they won a bronze medal and became the first disabled Indian team to win in an international tournament.

The Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India is affiliated to the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation and the Paralympic Committee of India.

However, they are still awaiting an affiliation with the Sports Authority of India.

Wheelchair Basketball players are striving from more recognition from the government and the masses. Despite their potential they are yet to get the financial support from the government.

Lack of enough funds is a major problem and hampers the growth of the sport in the country.

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