2 Gujarat students create stair climbing wheelchair

Two brilliant students of the Anand Niketan School in Mehsana, Gujarat, have won the top prize in CBSE National Science Competition 2017-18.

The two innovators received the award for creating a wheelchair that can climb stairs.

Rohan Patel and Devdutt Patel have named their creation ‘Saksham’ meaning able.

Rohan and Devdautt thought of the wheelchair when they saw a injured friend facing difficulty in walking up the stairs.

The two then thought of the challenges faced by people with disabilities and decided to create an accessible tool for them.

The wheelchair design takes inspiration from the Mars Rover Sojourner used by NASA that can move over rough surfaces as well.

Another pair of innovators from the same school also made it to the final round of the competition. Dhruv Patel and Rajvi Patel designed biodegradable sanitary pads.

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