Delete sent message feature in Whatsapp is not full proof

Whatsapp is currently the most popular app in the world and regular additions of new features keep it at an advantage with its rivals.

Recently a new feature was added to the social messaging app that allowed the users to delete a sent message in case they wanted to do so.

This was welcomed by the users as it helped avoid awkward instances where a message got wrongly sent to a group or person.

However, it is now reported that the delete feature does not work in all situations and there are ways that can be used to recover a deleted message and view it.

As per reports, if the message is received and read within seven minutes of being sent, the message cannot be deleted.

In case the sender deletes a message, the users can still see it if they select that particular text and quote it.

The company is yet to respond to the news of this bug being found.

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