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Be My Eyes app allows blind people to seek help easily

A new app called Be My Eyes has been developed to provide assistance to people with visual impairments.

With the help of the blind people can ask for help, and someone can respond and provide assistance using their smartphone.

The person who responds to the call for help can call back the blind person through phone or take a look at them through the camera on a smartphone owned by a blind or visually impaired person.

The app is already in use by 58,800 blind people and has more than 865,000 volunteers.

It serves an extremely important role in the lives of its blind users and gets them help on time.

The app can play vital roles in daily life, for example if a blind person wants to find out the expiry date on a bottle of medicine or juice, or work out what the colour of an item of clothing.

They would use the app to request a volunteer who will be able to use their phone to provide assistance even while being away, using a live video feed.

The Be My Eyes app is available on Google play store and App store.

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