TN transwoman denied job in Air India, seeks mercy killing

Shanavi Ponnuswamy is an achiever. A model, engineer, actor, customer support for a national airline and even the first graduate from her family, the list of achievements are many. But she was denied a job at Air India because she is a transgender. A heartbroken Shanavi has written a letter to the President of India Ramnath Kovind seeking for mercy killing.

Shanavi was rejected by the government run airline company for a job 4 times . She says that she has the body measurements, height, BMI etc to apply for a cabin crew post. But since she belongs to transgender category, the Air India official’s finds faults with her entry into the job . The officials from Air India told her that they do not have a policy of hiring transgenders till now.

In November 2017, the Supreme Court had asked for a reply from Air India and from the Ministry of Civil Aviation regarding this matter but neither of them replied to it.

Coming from a poor family in Thoothukudi district, Shanavi has trouble getting into any job now due to this controversy.

Shanavi, who was born in the male body, did the gender affirmation surgery in 2014 and has also, got all her documents register under her gender and new name under the Tamil Nadu gazette. But she is extremely depressed that the government is acting indifferently to her and that she is not able to chase her dreams.

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