Psychiatrist with visual impairment feels disability can’t stop him

Sharad Philip is a 32-year-old psychiatrist at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in Bengaluru. He recently received his medical degree to a standing ovation. Because completed his program despite being visually impaired.

Dr Philip has retinitis pigmentosa in both eyes and his vision is limited. However, he is independent does his daily chores himself.

He has the talent to help his patients with mental health issues although he is not able to see them due to his disability.

Many of his patients do not realize that he is blind as he gives the correct diagnoses and understands their problems.

Although he is not able to observe the physical features of his patients, he can get all the information from test reports and questions he asks to make them feel comfortable.

The doctor also uses assistive technology, like screen readers and is confident about the work he does.

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