Autistic star Richard Lawrence is the new Instagram star

Richard Lawrence is the new Instagram sensation. Richard, who was affected by Asperger’s (a type of autism), started an Instagram account on November 2017, hardly 4 months, and he has a fan following of more than 65,000 already. His username richardlawrence5870 is searched by people a lot.

Richard has come on-screen in the reality TV show ‘The Undatebales’ and was already popular before his Instagram was started last November.

Though Instagram is usually used by celebrities to upload photos of their daily lives, Richard does it differently. He posts videos of him talking about different subjects. Sometimes he talks about the food that he cooks and eats. Other times he talks about his condition Asperger’s . Other times he talks about his take on various subjects and his past experiences.

There are videos of Richard talking with his very close friend Joe who is having ADHD. Videos of them talking about disability and how it should not be a block in achieving anything is life are going viral. People are going crazy over Richard’s videos and the comments sections are filled with comments like ‘I love you’!

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