Iranian plane crashes, 66 feared dead

An Aseman airlines crashed on Sunday and more than 66 people who were on board are feared dead in the crash. The Iranian airlines crashed into the Zagros Mountains and the officials are not able to locate the airlines due to the extreme weather conditions.

Flight EP3704 took off from Tehran to Yasuj at 0800 (0430 GMT). Yasuj is located towards the south of the country and is around 500 kms from Tehran.

Mohammad Taghi Tabatabai, who is the spokesperson for Aseman airlines, said that the flight carried 6 cabin crew and a child along with the other passengers. He said that they cannot confirm the number of deaths as the emergency services has not been able to locate the flight till now. Mr. Tabatabai said the plane had crashed into Mount Dena, which has an elevation of about 14,500 feet.

The flight that took off from Mehrabad airport went off the radar after 45 minutes from take-off.

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