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New and stylish prosthetic covers to hit market

Say goodbye to Titatnium rods as prosthetic legs. Say hello to new and stylish prosthetic leg covers. In 2016, a Canadian designer company named Alleles came up with something new- prosthetic legs that looked more like art than titanium rods. Now, they are one of the most sought after products in the market, which is expected to enter India very soon.

Fashion photographer Jerris Madison had lost his legs due to bone cancer. Someone who was constantly behind fashion, Jerris was upset that he cannot be a part of fashion statements anymore. That is when Alleles sent him this new gift that changed his life!

45 year old Madison says that the new prosthetic leg covers were dazzling and colorful that he felt like he received a Christmas gift. It boosted his self-esteem. Earlier, people used to look at his prosthetic legs with sympathy. Now, they look at it with admiration and like a piece of art.

The product is currently being displayed at the Cooper Hewitt design museum in New York. Apart from prosthetic legs, walking sticks with colors of your choice, hearing aids, sneakers etc are showcased at the exhibition. More different products are expected to be made by the company soon.

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