Blood & urine test can help diagnose autism in kids

Scientists in Warwick, United Kingdom, have developed a new blood and urine test through which autism can be detected in kids. This test will help in detecting autism at an early stage so interventions can take place on time. Different kinds of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can be detected by doing this test.

There are various symptoms for ASD like frequent repetition of words, delayed speech development, communication in single words, not responding to name being called out, are some of the common ones.

A study in the United States has found out that ASD is seen more in boys than in girls. Researchers have found a link between ASD and damage to proteins in the blood plasma that has a deep effect on the child.

There are various causes for ASD. Genetic reasons, environmental factors, rare genetic variants and mutations are some of it. Researchers conducted the test on 38 kids who had ASD. Their blood and urine samples were taken to come to the conclusion.

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