Story of elderly Chandigarh widow's difficulties melts hearts

62-year-old Amrik Kaur from Chandigarh in Punjab led a very difficult life during her old age. Recently, she was in the news after she spent two days in the court trying to get back the ownership of her late son’s motorcycle from the police. The motorcycle was stolen some time back. NGO’s and individuals had come forward to help Amrik Kaur who is half paralyzed. One of her sons is in a drug rehabilitation centre.

Amrik led a very hard life with no money or job in order to take care of her. But now, things have changed for Amrik Kaur after help starting to come from all sides of the state.

An NGO has come forward to help pay expenses for the surgery of her eye which was becoming weak due to old age. Another NGO has promised to take care of her daily needs from here on. A family from Mohali in Punjab has also given her some ration food and other basic need products.

The police from the station where the motorcycle was kept said that they were getting many calls offering help to Amrik Kaur. Whereas, the widow said now she is happy. Earlier, she used to sit outside her house trying to get a job and had no money at all. Things have changed for the better now.

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