Postpartum depression affects thousands of new mothers

Postpartum depression is a mental issue faced by women after childbirth.

The depression is a serious health problem that affects thousands of new moms all across the world.

The most common symptom is feeling weak, dull, and sad after the birth of the child.

Mothers with postpartum depression may not feel like taking care of the new born child and themselves.

It is vital that women get help if they are facing postpartum depression because it can result in serious issues. At times new moms can become suicidal and even harm the babies.

A recent study has revealed that 16% of women in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in India suffer from postpartum depression after child birth.

The lack of awareness about the issue and shortage of mental health support for women in government hospitals makes the situation worse.

Cases like unwanted pregnancies, domestic abuses in case of girl child being born can worsen the depression in new moms.

In most cases, doctors tending to pregnant women or new mothers also fail to make them aware of the mental health conditions.

The condition is curable through medication and therapy and timely help can help women to feel healthier and better.

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