Engage with your toddler more if you want him to be smarter

A study done in Chandigarh by a leading institute has found that when exposed to reading, toys, and interaction with parents, toddlers show improved cognitive skills. This is regardless of the parent's education level and economic status.

The finding was part of a research done on 150 toddlers and the study titled Cognitive Development of Toddlers: Does Parental Stimulation Matter? has been published in the Indian Journal of Paediatrics.

Few studies in India have examined the quantity and quality of parental interaction and home literacy and learning environments of toddlers. The study shows that access to reading, indulging in cognitive activities has a major impact on the mental growth of toddlers.

The toddlers selected for the research were between 12 to 30 months, and were from child care centres and play schools in Chandigarh. Parental involvement was found to impact child development and verbal engagement as well as early intellectual development.

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