Tips to get ready for the summer season

The summers are back after the momentarily chill of the winters and it’s time to get ready for the weather.

Here are some ideas that will help you get ready for the upcoming season.

Start eating light and healthy food to prepare the body for the hot season. Fruits like melons, berries and lots of water keep the body cool and hydrated in summer.

Get the summer clothes ready by taking them out and airing them. This will make them fresh and remove smells and bacteria. Cotton, silk and linen fabrics are the best for the hot weather as they allow the air to reach the skin.

Also pack away the woolen’s to get the space in your cupboards.

Get a good night’s sleep as proper rest is essential for the health of body and mind.

You will need a good sunscreen, glasses, caps and scarves to beat the heat so get the accessories as per the latest trends and enjoy the summer!

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