Treasure hunt for special needs kid in Mangalore

A leading car dealer in Mangalore organised a treasure hunt for children with special needs in the city. The event was called Guiding Stars and was organised at the showroom.

The route map for the treasure hunt was scripted in Braille. The clues given in Braille led the children to various parts of the city in order to reach closer to the treasure. The drivers, passengers and children with special needs co-ordinated very well, making the event a huge success. The main challenge of the event was to communicate across natural barriers. Students with special needs put forward a remarkable performance.

Srijith B S and team with visually challenged navigator Aditya Moodabidri (Guiding Star) won the first place. Devdas and team with visually challenged navigator M Kaif (Guiding Star) were the runners-up.

For the last 7 years, Mangalore Round Table has been doing events aiming at children with special needs. This year they came up with the treasure hunt named ‘Guiding Stars’.

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