These Bollywood actors battled depression & talked about it

Depression is a feeling of severe rejection, loneliness and annoyed at one’s own self. It can happen to anyone, any time. We all often become gloomy and feel that the world is turning against us. But when you are hit by depression, the feeling is even worse. There have been many reports of people ending their life due to severe depression. If not clinically treated, depression can lead to many problems in a person’s life.

Many Indian celebrities have battled depression. They have also come out and spoken about it as well. Here are a few celebrities who have battled depression and have come out to speak about it.

Deepika Padukone

This Bollywood beauty is one of the main people from the industry who spoke up about depression and asked people who suffer from it to come forward and get clinical help. According to Deepika, people must talk about their mental health and it is a very normal thing. Deepika had a bad break-up from Ranbir Kapoor and her films were not doing too well in the box-office. The very depressed Deepika went for clinical help to come out of it. Now, she has an NGO named ‘Live.Love.Laugh’. The NGO helps people to battle depression.

Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood’s king khan has also undergone depression often in his life. The worst hit him in 2010 after he had a shoulder surgery. This affected his work in cinema and that had a deep impact on Shah Rukh Khan. But the actor has overcome depression.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka is one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood now. But she had to undergo a lot of mental trauma to reach here. Anushka has openly spoken about her anxiety and depression problems that she and her family faced during one point of time in her career. She underwent treatment for anxiety. The actress feels that more people must come out and speak about it. She got married to the captain of Indian cricket Virat Kohli last December and is living happily ever after.

Karan Johar

He is one of Bollywood’s biggest producer and director. But even Karan had a period of battling depression. It was so bad for him that he thought he was having a cardiac arrest. Karan could not sleep, and had anxiety problems. After taking clinical help, he came out of it.

Manisha Koirala

How can we forget Manisha Koirala who once ruled the Bollywood industry! The actress battled cancer and her divorce with ex-husband Samrat Dahlal made things worse for her. But she is a true fighter. She took clinical help and came out of both cancer and depression. Now she is back in cinemas!

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