Reading problems in kids may be due to condition called binocular vision anomalies

A recent study has found out that kids who read below levels of their grades may have lower binocular vision. This condition is also called as the Binocular Vision Anomalies. The study conducted by a group of researchers at University of Waterloo optometrists has come to this latest conclusion.

The problem is not just in vision, but also in how well the eyes can work together while performing activities, especially activities like reading. Some kids are not able to do it according to their age.

The researchers conducted various tests on 121 children of the age group between 6-14 years in order to arrive at a conclusion.

Researchers say that Binocular Vision Anomalies can be treated through vision therapy, prisms and even lens. Processes like using of a line guide while reading, de-cluttering handouts or providing desk copies of notes from board presentations for kids will also help them in a large way.

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