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IIT Bombay creates device to help in treatment of cerebral palsy

The Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, has created a project to assist in the challenges faced during the treatment of cerebral palsy, CP. The device can stimulate the human vestibular system.

Called Vestibulator, device seen as breakthrough technology

The device that has been developed is being looked at as one of the 100 upcoming technologies in India that can change the way CP and other disorders are treated.

The vestibular system includes parts of the inner ear and brain that help control balance and eye movements in the human body.

The device, which has been named Vestibulator, is a compact and innovative healthcare device that can be used extensively as part of neuro-developmental and sensory integration therapy.

It simulates the vestibular system in a way that is essential for the treatment of CP, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, hearing impairment, traumatic brain injuries, vertigo and various other disorders.

The device has been designed with the latest advanced technology and allows for multiple types of operations and also a storage of patient data that can assist therapists in giving better treatment to their patients.It is hoped that the device will make up for the shortage of existing therapists in comparison to the large number of patients seeking treatment.

It will allow a therapist to serve more number of patients in a shorter time span, thereby enabling more patients to get the benefits of treatment.

Cerebral palsy, CP, is the most common physical disability found in children and severely affects their physical and mental growth. There are around 74 million children in India with CP and the numbers are gradually increasing. It is vital that newer and better treatment methods are created for early detection and therapy.

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