Draped in designer wear, these disabled kids rock the ramp!

Over 25 children took part in a fashion show in Vishakhapatnam, the first of its kind featuring orphans and kids with disabilities. The show was organised by New Trendz and was conceptualised by hairdresser G Charan Kumar. The children were from four organisations - Prajwal Vani, Icha Foundation, Netra Vidyalaya and Papa Home.

A team of four hairdressers and two makeup artistes gave a stylish makeover to the children, the idea being to break the attitude that excludes the disabled from fashion. Mumbai-based makeup artiste Samaira Wallani flew down especially for the grand show. She was amazed at how confident the kids were as they walked the ramp for the first time.

The show took two years of planning and for the kids, it was a chance to make their dreams come true. They practised for 15 days and poured their hearts into the show. No wonder they had the audience eating out of their hands.

The show was the brainchild of Charan, lovingly called Charan Anna, who has been giving hair cuts to orphans and disabled kids for over 10 years now. Every Tuesday, he visits orphanages, schools and homes for destitute and disabled children to give them a makeover and change the way the world sees them.

He has founded a group called New Trendz with a team of 15 hairdressers who give a free makeover to these special children in the city. His initiative has reached Hyderabad and Mumbai and will soon start in Guntur.

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