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‘Canetroller’ from Microsoft to help visually impaired

Microsoft recently developed something unique for the visually impaired and a Haptic Controller for VR it is! Called as the 'canetroller', this peripheral device is designed to work along with HTC Vive headset and tracker. This was recently created by Microsoft's research lab.

This 'canetroller' helps visually impaired in tracking the normal environment and scanning them, and later turns it into a virtual reality environment.

Even though this device was not made purely for the visually impaired, this is a device that can be used by them easily. It helps in recognizing vibrations and helps in other such activities.

Through the VR, an out-body experience is possible. One can see what death is like, become a character from the Star Wars, or even feel and smell another planet.

Even though the device has proven to be good, Microsoft is waiting to look into more technical stuffs to make sure that the VR comes out best.

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