Risk of dementia more in people with CHD, says new study

A recent study has found out that people who were born with a heart disease has higher risk of dementia. The study was published in ‘Circulation’, a journal of the American Heart Association. The study was conducted on more than 10,000 adults from Denmark. All of them had congenital heart disease (CHD).

According to Nicolas Madsen who is the pediatric cardiologist at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, children who are born with a heart disease develops neuro-developmental issues.

This will later have an effect on their lives, especially during old age. The risk is much lesser for children who are not born with CHD. A 60 percent risk is always more in those born with CHD.

Congenital heart disease is a condition that happens in six to ten people in every 1000 live births. The population of people who live with CHD is much more than earlier days. Thanks to new age medicines and advanced medical science. But the individuals who live with this often experience various neuro-developmental issues during their life, especially once they become adults.

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