Protest held in Bangalore to make Railways disabled friendly

Members of the Karnataka State Disabled and Caregivers Foundation (KSDFC) staged a protest in front of the Bengaluru City Railway Station asking the government to make Indian Railways, mainly trains, disabled friendly.

According to Venkatesh, who is the secretary of Karnataka State Disabled and Caregivers Federation (KSDCF) and also an activist, disabled coaches which are at the end of the train is a nightmare. He says that disabled coaches are always in the back side of the train or behind the engine. This makes it difficult for disabled passengers to walk till the end. Venkatesh says that there were incidents where he has missed the train due to this.

Here are the few demands that were put forward by the differently-abled during the protest.

Concessions must be available to the differently-abled while booking a tatkal

Concessions must be made available in Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains as well

Licenses must be granted to differently-abled people to sell things inside trains or on the platforms

All the coaches must have Braille signs

There should be markings that will help visually challenged people to get to platforms, ticketing counters etc