Filmmaker Onir wants to create a space for differently-abled

Filmmaker Onir just made a fabulous movie and film-lovers cannot stop talking about it. His film ‘Raising the bar’ throws light on the lives of those affected by the Down syndrome. Onir explores it so beautifully that anybody who watches the movie will get inspired. Onir says that there is a need to make India friendlier for those who are differently abled.

Onir points out many things that are missing in the country in favour of the differently-abled. For example, there are no toilets in our cinema theaters which can be used by the differently-abled or accommodates facilities for wheelchair. Onir points out many similar examples.

Onir’s movie was shot in India and Australia. He explores the lives of differently-abled people in both countries. He feels that Australia is more differently-abled friendly than India. Moreover in many parts of India, even now, people think that having a kid with Down syndrome is a curse. Onir talks about a Maharashtrian mother who says that her relatives asked her to kill her child after they realized that the child had Down syndrome.

Onir’s movie shows how parents realized that their kids were differently-abled for the first time and how they learned to cope up with the fact by standing with their kids.

Onir says that he expects to make a difference in people’s attitude towards disability through his films.