Twitter urged to have option to report hate content for disabled

A British charity has asked social networking site Twitter to be more disable friendly. Once that is done, disabled who are attacked and abused can report. Right now, it is too difficult to report disability abuse in Twitter. The charity said that even though Twitter had agreed to review this in a meeting last year, nothing has been done till now.

There are various options to report against attacks on race, gender, orientation, religion etc. But till now, options for disabled people to report are not provided.

Meanwhile, Twitter said that they do not have a direct option for disabled people to report hate speech against them but such acts are clearly prohibited under their rules and is ‘hateful content’. Even though the term ‘hateful content’ appears on Twitter, it does not directly say disability.

Lauren West, who is the manager at the Muscular Dystrophy UK's Trailblazers network of young disabled people said that unless a clearer option is provided in Twitter against such hate content, Twitter will lose many followers. He said that networks like Twitter are important in the life of disabled people because it engages them in daily conversations. But if such options are not available, they are going to stay away from the network.

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