World's first test match of physically disabled cricketers in March

The national team of physically disabled cricketers of India will play their first test cricket match in March. The event is called the Modi Dosti Cup.

The first match will be against Afghanistan and will be played at the Gujarat Refinery Sports Ground in Vadodara. The match will be played for three days and will begin on 26 March.

This will be the first day and night test match played by disabled cricketers in the world.

The Indian team is excited for this opportunity to showcase their talent and skills in a test series. The match will be played according to the rules set by the International Cricket Council, ICC.

The umpires of the match will be disabled people as well, and those keeping track of the score are women with disabilities.

The Vadodara Disabled Cricket Association is organizing the event. They have reached out to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for help.

The organizers will also arrange for a few one-day and T20 matches for the disabled to be held in the city. This is to encourage more disabled cricketers to play.

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