Indian Air Force organizes Paralympics in Delhi

The Indian Air Force is organizing a Paralympics in Delhi for kids who are differently-abled. At least 60 kids of Air Force officials will take part in the event that will be conducted at the Western Air Command.

Games such as badminton, shot put, relay race, football, archery, wheelchair race, track and field, bocce and roller skates are some of the main ones that will be played at the Paralympics.

Devika Harikumar, who is the president of the WAC Air Force Wives Welfare Association said that the event is organized so that the kids who are differently-abled will feel that they are also a part of the mainstream society. Such games help in improving their motor skills and they can take care of themselves on their own daily. More than anything, such events prepare them to be a part of national and international level Paralympics games.

Devika also added that there is a huge difference in the way differently-abled people are treated in India and abroad. Events like holding a Paralympics will make differently-abled kids understand that parents and people around them are always with them to support.

Even though the Paralympics is held at a command level now, the organizers plans to make it a national event very soon.

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